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Novas informações sobre a primeira trilha sonora original de “Digimon Universe Appli Monsters” foram anunciadas, confira:

デジモンユニバース アプリモンスターズ キャラクターソング&オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: Character Song & Original Sound Track
Preço: 3,000円
Lançamento: 26 de Julho de 2017

O álbum será um conjunto de dois discos: “Character Song”, que incluirá sete faixas relacionadas aos personagens; “Original Sound Track”, que será uma trilha sonora de quarenta faixas. Confira a lista de faixas abaixo:

[Character Song]
01. Hallelujah
02. On Target @ Center Girl!
03. Wander Beat
04. Maze
05. Slow Starter
07. A Pinky Promise Smile With An Explosive Punch ☆

[Original Sound Track]
01. There Are As Many Monsters As There Are Apps
02. Last Time On Appmon
03. Application-Based Life-Forms Which Possess Artificial Intelligence
04. Haru And Gatchmon’s Daily Routine
05. Appliyama 470 Theme
06. Do You Feel It? Or Don’t Ya? I’m Totally Feeling It!
07. Unryūji Knight
08. Tea Time At The Secret Base
09. An Unengaging Conversation
10. A High-Spirited Puzzle Game
11. Cute Offmon
12. Hope And Expectation
13. Coldhearted Eyes of Surveillance
14. Panic Downtown - No!
15. L-Virus Infected Appmon
16. Into The AR Field
17. Infiltration - Hacking
18. Mienumon’s Scheme
19. Incident Outbreak - The Virus Appmon
20. In A Pinch! A Buddy That Never Gives Up
21. The Fear Of An AI Driven Into A Corner
22. Strike Them Down With The Super AppLink
23. Cloud The Masked Man
24. Into The Deep Web
25. The Ultimate 4
26. The Threat Of Leviathan
27. Shutmon’s Loss Of Control
28. Difference In Power And The Fear Of Death!
29. A Protagonist’s Suffering
30. For Everyone’s Smiles
31. A Blooming Heart
32. With Faith And Courage, We Can Do It!
33. Awakening Of The God Appmon!
34. Surging Power! We Won’t Lose!
35. I’ll Protect Eri-chan
36. L-Virus Purification
37. Buddy Bond Of Friendship
38. The Promised Tomorrow
39. Appmon Data Lab
40. Preview

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